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Horoscope Horoscope of a person born anywhere in the world based on Indian Vedic astrology available in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu language in south Indian or in north Indian north Indian style.

Marriage Compatiblity

Marriage compatibility Online Marriage compatibility / Marriage Match in Malayalam Hindi Tamil Kannada Telugu English Marriage compatibility report based on Indian Vedic astrology in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu language. The report containes poruthams (Kutas) based on birth star, papasamyam (From Lagna (Ascendant), Moon and Venus), Chovvadosham (Kujadosham or Mangal dosha) Dasa Sandhi Dosham (dasa overlap) and Sama Dasa Dosham (identical dasa) will be examined in detail

Free Malayalam Ephemeris

Todaya's Ephemeris in Malayalam Todaya's Ephemeris in Malayalam

Malayalam Ephameris based on Indian vedic astrology theory.

Basic Membership

You should be a basic member to access the online Horoscope and Marriage compatibility service. A basic membership is free and requires only a valid email address and your name to create an account. It is very simple to become a basic member, just click the Login and type your user name and password. If you are not registered with us, click New to Supersoft? Sign up for getting membership. But a basic member can take only horoscopes of the dates 2008, 2009 and 2010 and marriage compatibility reports of female, one whose birth date is prior to 1976. But a Premium Member does't have these year limits. You should consider to be a Premium Member.

Premium Membership

A Premium member can input any date for Horoscope or Marriage compatibility. A basic membership is the eligiblity of getting the premium membership and you have to pay the premium amount. Different palans are avilable for  Premium membership.

Premium Membership Fees

Plan 250 50 Horoscope/Marriage compatibility documents ₹ 250 or $5.00 USD
Plan 400 00 100 Horoscope/Marriage compatibility documents ₹ 400 or $8.00 USD 
Plan 1500 00 500 Horoscope/Marriage compatibility documents ₹ 1500 or $30.00 USD 
Plan 2000 00 800 Horoscope/Marriage compatibility documents ₹ 2000 or $40.00 USD 

Wish to be a Premium Memeber?
  • Deposit the money to the account number 57009458506 of Ajayalal S., State Bank of Travancoure, Nalanchira branch, Trivandrum IFSC Code SBTR0000639 and report to us with your login User name and e-mail ID  to activate your premium  account.
  • Send demand draft(DD) in favour of Supersoft payable at Trivandrum Kerala, India -695004  along with your login  Username and e-mail ID to activate your premium account.
  • Send by Money order to Supersoft Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum, Kerala, India - 695004 along with your login  Username and e-mail ID to activate your premium account.
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